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Metal 8-String Bridge Pickup Comparsion

Keith Merrow recently got together with Wes Hauch of the Faceless to produce this killer 8-string pickup comparsion. Merrow recently has been having a great streak of success partnering up with Jeff Loomis on the album Conquering Dystopia. While many bands attempt Indiegogo efforts nowadays to fund their album - the Loomis and Merrow effort instantly skyrocketed thanks to loyal fans who truly want to hear what these two are capable of. To date it has raised over $30,000 and the funds have helped them bring on some professional heavyweights and promises to be one brutal album. 

Around this time, Keith got together with another of his great collobrators, Wes Hauch of the Faceless to do the demo below which is one of the best represenations (and one of the only) for 8-string players. 

The following pickups are shown in the demo:

Pegasus: described as best suited for prog metal, articulate leads with a lot of clarity.

Nazgul: heavily saturated, aggressive distortion suitable for many of the heavier types of metal. The distortion sounds brutal here.

Sentient (Neck): The lead pickup sounds smooth and articulate in the demo.

Distortion: The Distortion is very aggressive, in the demo it clearly retains articulation and clarity and comes off just more focused in the mids than the Nazgul, while the Nazgul seems a little sonically wider. 

Invader: Deep; very loud and heavy.

Blackouts: The Blackouts sound great in the demo. Really right down the metal of the other pickups as far as the sonic range here.

Check out the A/B towards the end where you can here the differences brought to life.

0:15 - Pegasus bridge
1:17 - Sentient neck (lead guitar)
1:29 - Nazgul bridge
2:30 - Sentient neck (lead guitar)
2:43 - Distortion bridge
3:46 - Distortion neck (lead guitar)
3:57 - Invader bridge
5:00 - Invader neck (lead guitar)
5:12 - Blackouts bridge
6:14 - Blackouts neck (lead guitar)

Guitars Only-
6:27 - Pegasus bridge
6:37 - Nazgul bridge
6:46 - Distortion bridge
6:55 - Invader bridge
7:04 - Blackouts bridge
7:13 - Pegasus bridge
7:22 - Nazgul bridge
7:31 - Distortion bridge
7:41 - Invader bridge
7:50 - Blackouts bridge